Friday, October 29, 2004

By the numbers

1.5- the number of hours I sat in a dark and quiet house without electricity.
10- the number of blocks that were without electricity with me.
3.5 - number of hours spent on the phone with my neighbor walking her through downloading NAV05.
2,003 - number of words typed on book today. (very pathetic)
4,012 - number of words typed on other things today. (should've put that much effort into the book)
2 - number of times I repainted my nails today.
17 - number of times the phone rang today.
4 - number of times the cell phone rang today.
414 - number of CD's on my kitchen counter, waiting to be organized after the kids went through them all.
3 - number of times I dripped my soup on my shirt tonight. (it was hot and I kept burning myself too, :( )
7 -number of fresh cat scratches I received today.
4.5 - number of hours of sleep I got last night.
at least 50 - number of times I fantasized about throttling stupid ex-bosslady today.

Good night my pretties, until tomorrow.

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