Saturday, October 02, 2004

Picture meme

OK I have gotten three email requests for this so I will join in the fray, besides it might take my mind off of some things.

Leave me a comment with a list of three items you would like to see pictures of from in or around my home, or town. I won't post pics of me, I like some level of privacy, but your welcome to try and convince me. Please shoot for the moon, I love my camera and I love photo scavenger hunts so I am willing to get pictures of a lot of things. I will post the images as soon as I obtain them.

I'll be back with an update later tonight.


Anonymous said...

OK, Jess, here you go :)

1. the moon ;) or, failing that, a primary school close to your house (you don't have to identify it of course)
2. your kitchen
3. your backyard


Anonymous said...

hmmm, the place we went to get 25 cent ice cream cones, um, the swinging bridge, and...

The covered bridge across the street from my great grandmothers old house, gramma peters old house.

can you remember all those places? lol. of course you know the swinging bridge, but the other two... :)


Bret said...

a photo expressing Anger
a photo expressing Lonelyness
and a photo expressing dreams