Sunday, October 03, 2004

For Kris: The swinging bridge. This was by my old house. I remember us jumping up and down on it to see how high we could get it to go. It also made the walk home from school a lot quicker saving me a good 12 blocks every day. This is were I last saw you, we sat and talked on the bridge for a while before we went seperate ways. Posted by Hello


Smiley said...

Swinging bridges are awesome. We had one at college my freshman year. When sophmore year started up they had replaced it. It sucked.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so do you remember that path up that hiss um, the dirt one, we used to take from school to your house, before we ever even got to the bridge? I remember one time me and you and Rosemary(do you remember Rosemary? I didn't until I saw the picture.) went to your hosue, and I had my bike, and then when me and Rosemary went back home her to her house, me to mine, we took that same path, but stupid us, figured we could ride the bike down, since it was downhill, and she got on the handlebars, and we crashed and fell the rest of the way down. It sucked.

Remember all the times we went to Dicks Market by your house too.

Dang nabbit, I wish you had been around when we came to town!!!


P.S. Swinging it back and forth was the scary part. REmember when it broke, we heard about it, from kids swinging. Was that just urban legned, or do you think it really happened?

Jessica said...

Of course I remember all of that. That hill has been developed into houses now though, It was a steep ass hill! I rememger pushing your bike up it and thinking we were gonna just die from exahuastion! Then there was the other "shortcut" home through the field across from the school, I remember that on the side by the river we had to run through that ol' drunk guys back yard as fast as we could so he wouldn't come out and scream at us. That put us right by the swinging bridge.

Rosemary lived next door to me for a little while then she moved and I never heard from her again.

And yes, the bridge really did break from kids jumping on it, it was just after a freeze and one of the cables was brittle and broke, now they won't let you bounce up and down even though the whole thing has essentially been rebuilt.