Saturday, October 09, 2004

My Kinda Guy....yup another meme

Can't remember what blog I saw this on, sorry.

Hair color : I like really dark hair
Eye color : I have a thing for pale eyes, blue and green.
Skin tone : I like a light tan
Long or short hair : short standard boy cut
Piercings : doesn't really matter, I don't find a bunch of facial piercings very sexy though
Scars : yeah they give you a character, I like them especially if there is a story to go with it, unless of course the story sucks and then I don't like the story part of it, hmmm don't know if I make much sense.
Big or small butt : depends on the guy, I guess an average butt, but I am not a butt person so it doesn't really matter.
Straight : Well since I am straight I suppose it would be to my advantage to want a straight guy, huh?
Outgoing or shy : shy but friendly
Sarcastic or sincere : sincere
Should he/she have a best friend : ya.. why not..
Should he/she love her/his mom? : yea..
Should he/she watch gals movies? : why not.. if he likes them I guess
Be smart: yeah so they can keep up a good conversation.
Be funny : Of course I like to laugh
Smoker : no! sorry. not my thang
Drink : recreationally yes addictively no
Play with your hair : sure why not
Kiss on the first date : depends on how the date went
Bring you gifts : If I deserve them or if they come from the heart and not just an attempt to impress
Lay under the stars with you : YES.. I love the stars!!
Write poetry bout you : if the feeling strikes, sure
Call you honey, sweetie or baby : In ration, honey and sweetie are ok but baby, ugg, I hate it when people call each other baby, how about bubble butt? j/k ;)
Hang out with you and your friends : yea! but if he is a keeper then I would hope they would become OUR friends
Hold your hands : yes but to also know when to let go, and not be too clingy
Sing to you : Why not? I like music.
Would like his/her interest to be : ME of course, but also movies and music, literature, and outdoors, and family is very important
Play guitar or piano : I am learning the guitar so that I suppose, so he could help me learn.
Wear specs : I like glasses, especially if you need them to see.
Location : Oregon would be good since that is where I am, but I want to live in Scotland too.
Like to control you : nope.. that would be my job thanx.
Stick to you everyday : I would want to see the person everyday, generaly but I want someone who can go without me sometimes too when I can't be there or want to be alone.

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Brechi said...

hehe...i don't like too many facial piercings either. I have seen some guys with like three or four and that's just too much heavy metal ;)