Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well son of a ...

So now I find out that the c*nt ex-bosslady (and trust me I don't easily use the C word) is still trying to tell people that I did something I did not do. This is after the Police have reported back to her that we are INNOCENT of any of the actions she alleged. She reported today to the Unemployment Dept. that we had done this thing. Now lets see in my understanding that is most definitely slander. She is knowingly making false and malicious statements about Sissy and myself. Stupid Bitch.

What makes all of it worse is that I did get into a bit of trouble when I was younger and I worked my ass off since to make up for it and to turn my life around. And that Bitch and her cronies has screwed all that work and effort up. It makes a person wonder why in the hell they should try. It's a whole lot of work to pick yourself up just to end up on your ass again.

So now I am going to write some nice letters to all of their funding agents. That will make me feel better. That agency has gone down the toilet over the past year she has been the Director and the sad thing is all of the people they are supposed to be helping aren't getting the help they should because she isn't doing her job properly.

Screw HER!

I'll get over it just as soon as she gets hers. I am a vindictive Bitch after all, at least that is what my friends tell me. It just doesn't feel right to let them get away with trying to steamroll us just because they think they can.

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