Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ho Hum

Sometimes I am quiet. Life just doesn't always give me something to say. But it's rare. I try to find something important in everything. And if it's important I feel obligated to comment upon it.

Life isn't offering up anything worth wasting any wit on. I am BORED. What's worse is that though I am sure there is something I can do about it, it hasn't occurred to me yet. So here I sit pissed off at myself because I am not being more creative. Urrg. Hmmph and Blech! I dunno. So I am quieter than usual. A little less ranty. A tad more withdrawn.

Doesn't make me any less oppinionated. It's just that there seems like there is less to have a particular opinion about.

On a another note; I find myself flipping back and forth between Court TV and the Food Network, trying to find some drivel to watch that strikes my fancy. Alton Brown Is interesting. Iron Chef is addicting. Rachel Ray on 30 minute meals cracks herself up which in turn humors me. And Court TV is always a source of fascination and interestfor more than one reason. One: It baffles me how blind humans can be by nature (only a select few of course) to think that they can get away with some crimes. and Two: Crimenology is always an abundent well for a writer to pull from. If only I was writing more. Blah Blah.

Bought Dawn of the Dead yesterday so I think I am gonna go watch it. I am a horror movie junkie. Too bad they don't make many good ones anymore. Ta!

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