Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Trail of Petals

I wrote this when I was eighteen. I stumbled up on it yesterday and thought I'd slap it up here. I was obviously going through a darker period.

trail of petals

The woman stood silently dropping pale yellow rose petals. One by one the petals fluttered onto the sand of the beach. Each soft petal holding hands with a salty tear as it fell. Slowly and gracefully the woman took a step, and another, making her way along the shore. She ignored the wind as it took hold of the satiny tendrils of her raven hair, creating a fury of fire about her head. She ignored the searing sun as it scorched her porcelain skin. She ignored the spray of the tide as it danced in midair. She ignored the calls of seagulls beckoning to be heard. Each step left a petal in it's place. She ignored the world around her. Only felt the emotions coursing through her body and ripping through her soul. The petals began to dance with the sea as she carried herself into the water. With each step submerging her feelings in ice. She could not walk far enough to drown her heartache. All the woman left was a trail of petals leading the tired into the salvation of the sea.

7-12-97 jlm

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