Saturday, October 16, 2004


once uttered words can not be retrieved
they are free to loiter the air with their heavy presence
and to linger on the fringes of regret when born in haste
they may run through the wisps of frustration when liberated by fear
by the many faceless furies who speak to harm
words can scald or cradle an open heart
and echo endlessly unheeded through uncaring ears
ringing on only to be brushed away by those sporting a smiling esteem
they can break and they can build or prove indifferent
they can be wielded with malice or respect and leave empty or fulfilled
the only definite attached to words is...
once uttered words can not be retrieved



Bret said...

True Jess...So very true. Words can be the ray of sun that warms your heart or the axe that splits your skull.

Smiley said...

You truly have a gift when it comes to writing. I hope I can someday say, I knew her before she became such a famous writer.

. : A : . said...

So true! Nice piece.

JaG said...

the blue is cool. I said that. I'm stiting her trying to sorber up. hold the screen. the blond was cute.
sorry, or , whaterver. The cat is on the screen now. hehehehe

Jessica said...

HAHA JaG is drunk commenting again!!! ;) Not sure which blond you saw but I'd love to see.