Monday, October 18, 2004

Snagged from Tiffanie

Name three of your....

1. Pet peeves:
POP-UP Ads! Nuff said on that. People who sneeze without covering their mouths. Yucky gross. How in movies people wake up and start making out, as if they didn't have morning breath. Just really annoying. I was so happy when they addressed the issue in the movie Dreamcatcher .

2. Favorite sounds:
Purring, the sound (and smell) of a campfire, and a real belly laugh.

3. Favorite flavors of candy:

Symphony and Dove milk Chocolate. Strawberry Starbursts, buckeyes (a homemade peanut butter cream covered in chocolate).

4. Biggest Fears:

Being left alone with no family. Being unable to write. Being forgotten.

5. Biggest challenges:

keeping my mouth shut when I should. Not purchasing on impulse.

6. Favorite Department Stores:
I don't get to do much dept. store shopping, and when I do it is where the sale is. I am so very pathetic.

7. Most Used Words:

Shhnazay, Uck, and Wowsa (hee hee I don't know, I don't think there are a lot of words I say all the time.)

8. Favorite Pizza Toppings:

an Abby's Special with LOTS of extra cheese.

9. Favorite cartoon characters:

The monchhichis, Rogue of X-men, Ed, Edd, and Eddie, the angry beavers.

10. Movies recently watched:
Ok I watched Ginger Snaps Back last night while I tried to go to sleep. And I re watched the Day After Tomarrow.

11. Favorite Fruits:

watermelon, strawberries, mandarin Oranges

12. Favorite Vegetables:

peas, beets, CORN, Ah Hell all of 'em.

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