Tuesday, October 12, 2004

just being pissy

It's today again. Another day without a real reason. Ugg, I am such a whiner. Why is it that the world can't be perfect? Well, no not perfect, I would find perfect uninteresting and lacking character. So I guess I mean, why can't the world be less sucky?

This is what I become when I lose my job and have no specific direction everyday. A Whiner. Tonight is one of my more pessimistic nights. It just gets my panties all up in a twist to know that I am in this position because a stupid rag ho decided to accuse first and ask questions never.

So I guess tomorrow I am going to make the first step towards some form of compensation from the whole debacle. I am going to call up the President of the Board of Directors and throw the reports contents into his face and hope he gags on it. We'll see what his next step is after that. And if his step isn't a good one then my next is a lawyers office.

On another front it's gorgeous outside, I wish I had a good nighttime camera. And one of my neighbors is burning a fire and it smells like a bit of heaven. Today has been a gift to the senses, earlier this afternoon someone downtown was mowing and it smelled like spring, and now the fire it is an undeniable association with Autumn. And this morning I was graced with that crisp chill in the air that is the prelude to the holidays. I sleep with my window open and there is absolutely nothing better in the world to wake up to. Well in the natural sense anyway ;)

For the first time in years it looks like I will be able to attend the camp up on the hill for more than just the weekend. Unless I get a job first. The view up there is wonderful. I'll post a couple pics of it in a few minutes.

Hmmmm after that last paragraph I am feeling a lot better. See how quickly I flip flop around.

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