Wednesday, October 06, 2004

She's a stubborn one.

Gramma hasn't let go yet. The more I think about it I think she is hanging on just so we know that she went on her own terms. She'd be very upset if we thought any differently. No lingering anger with the family today, it was actually nice to be with eachother, even if it was for 12 solid hours, as no one will leave for a break and run the risk of losing their parking space. Then I meet a first cousin I never knew existed. Some families this would not come as a surprise to. But I grew up bouncing from Aunts and Uncles houses to Aunt's and Uncles houses all summer long, we were all tight, we all knew eachother and it is just unthought of to me that I would not have the knowledge of another of us out there. And that he would be denied growing up amongst "the family." (That made us sound like a bunch of gangsters didn't it?) Anyway it was a bit of a shock to me and Sissy but our other sister seemed to have already known about him and had met him several times before. I'm baffled, but hey a new family member is always welcome to me so I won't Bitch, except for being left out of the loop.

The rain came for a while today but we were given a gorgeous sunset as consolation. I like the rain, it always makes me feel a little like God has given us a chance to clean up our sorry butts. ;)

My cat is eating Cheetos on my bed, Dammit Cheese stains! Urrg! Little furry sh*thead!

Well I have another day at the hospital in the morning, so I will hit the sack. Oh, still no word on the job. I will wait to get depressed about that until I am done dealing with Gramma. Kisses!


JaG said...

I always thought a thing like that would never happen in my family. Untill my mum tells me that my uncle once had an affair which resulted in a baby. My uncle is married to someone else and has two kids by this woman, my aunt. They are are now 22 and 17 and their sister, who they don't know exists, is 20. It's a very big secret and I sometimes wish my mother hadn't told me about it. I've been tempted to tell my cousins about their secret sister more than once because I know I'd like them to tell me if I had another sister. We're very close and I don't want to have to say;"Oh right, I knew about that", if the whole thing DOES come out.
I don't know if my aunt knows about this other girl. My mum says she does but pretends she doesn't. If I tell anyone else in my family I'd be opening Pandora's box and I'm not sure if I want to be the one who does that.
Sorry about the LONG comment. I guess I just wanted to say that weird stuff happens in every family. Thank you for letting me tell my story. I've been thinking about putting it on my own blog but if I should be "outed" all hell would break loose.

JaG said...

And Oh my God!! I'm sooo sorry, I was so wrapped up in my own story that I forgot to wish you well and strength. I hope your gramma will find peace.

Jessica said...

JaG that is very much OK I like long comments and you obviously wanted to say it to someone to get it off your chest. I am a good sounding board. And thank you for your support with Gramma.

Smiley said...

I didn't have it happen with first cousin or cousins. But I have found out that people are second and third cousins, after I have known them for years. Grandparents are tough I know all of mine went out on thier own terms.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that that was a better visit. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

I hope you hear some good news about your job soon.


Jessica said...

Thank you Jenny, I'm still hoping about the job. Oh nevemind I won't kid myself I didn't get it. But the world is still turning so I'll be fine.