Friday, October 15, 2004

Sucky People Suck

So I talked to the President of the Board. He starts out with is sticky sweet I am such a nice guy tone, which instantly makes me want to strangle him. I asked him if he was ready to discuss the issue with me. He says no they feel the issue has been resolved and I should not contact him anymore. So I gave him a verbal Bitch slap . Amongst other things I told him the issue was not resolved and that up to that point I probably would have settled for an apology, but now I wanted his lawyers name. He said he didn't have to give that to me, then hung up on me. He couldn't have done anything more to piss me off worse. So I contacted the lawyer again with the new information. Can't wait to see were this goes.

He turned out to be an extraordinary dick. I should have expected it though, he is in insurance after all. ;)

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. : A : . said...

I sometimes wonder where people like this land up from and what causes them to behave so obnoxiously!