Monday, October 18, 2004

No hablo espanol...

JaG I set up Haloscan, which I have been wanting to do. The only reason I hadn't was I didn't want to lose the comments people had already made. So I printed the ones I liked and went for it.

So jOjO said this to me:

You should seriously try to learn some new language... life becomes so interesting!

Yeah, I have thought about it, but the language that interests me most is one that is seldom used, gaelic. Like I have said before I have a thing for the Scottish Highlands and the clan culture. But it is not a language I would find myself speaking very often at least not with another person. Not to mention the incredible amount of intricasies and layers inbedded into it. So no I doubt I will learn that one.

I thought about spanish also, because it is so widely used here in the states, but like I said I get too impatient, you should have seen me in school trying to learn French. I got detention quite a lot for getting up out of my seat and bouncing around the room in utter boredom. That and they tried teaching us french by watching some spastic pineapple on a videotape and now I just can't hear that language without looking around for some spiney fruit.

I have come to believe I am destined only to know a few basic words in a few various languages. All of which come in handy when I think I may be being cussed out, by someone who thinks I don't know what they are saying. Problem there is that half of the time I mistake a word I don't know for a word I do and accuse someone of saying F*&$ you (vete a la mierda) when they really said Luck to you (suerte a usted) which of course the two phrases sound nothing like eachother in Spanish.

Ok so on another note I heard from my attorney of choice today and she is all overloaded and whatnot so she gave me a referral that I will check out tomarrow. Wish me luck on that front, I need a good lawyer to make those psycho bastards admit what they did wrong.

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