Saturday, October 30, 2004


If you could breathe my breath straight from my lungs
would it ease you?
If you could taste the horror of my life
would it please you?
If you could salve my wounds with candles and lace
would you try?
If you could believe every word from my lips
would you then lie?
If I wasn't enough for you
would you knock on another door?
If I was too clean for your taste
would you try to make me your whore?
If I could sate your hunger
would you rather starve?
If my heart was on a platter
would you volunteer to carve?
If my life slipped roughly away
could you bring yourself to cry?
If I left you my love
would you gladly say goodbye?
If you knew you meant more to me than just a friend
would it sadden you at all to celebrate my end?
Don't answer now, I don't really want to know,
Just know I wonder, who it is that holds my soul.

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