Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Well I spent the day at the hospital and went through that whole emotional rollercoaster again. Not so mad today, but I still can't say that I am fond of some of my families behavior. But today I didn't really see it. anuemonia has set in and Gramma may not make it through the night. In a sense that would be a blessing. She is completely unaware at this point. Just blasted full of morphine to keep her as comfortable as possible until she goes. My nieces broke down tonight and just wanted to understand why there was nothing more that could be done to keep her with us. I think by the end of the night they did understand but I am not sure. I hope so.

I am heading back to the hospital in Eugene in the morning, if I don't get any calls through the night saying I don't need to go. I don't know what to hope for.

Still no word about the job. Hmmmph. I think my Sissy got a job there though. Oh and Jenny they make you pee in a cup as a urine analysis to make sure you are not on drugs before they hire you. They do do it here very regularly. Anyway I'm gonna crash so I can set out early in the morning. TA~


Banilla's Honey said...

I would much rather a job than a jon! And yes your nieces are o.k. and they pretty much understand. See ya in the am.

Banilla's Honey said...

oh sure correct your mistake so I look like a dork!!!!!!! you had jon instead of job!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!

JaG said...

Haha, in times of sadness those comments made me laugh. I wish you strength today.
And thanks for letting us know what the peeing in the cup was for. I understand now.

Smiley said...

I'll put in a prayer for your grammy. Lord knows faith is all that's free now a days. Hope things start looking up and thanks for answering my question.

Wayne said...

Hrm Gramma ;( --- sigh... reminds me of my Grandma :(


but you know, sometimes, that's how life is... and one day, all of us will bloom, and become wild faries... flying high up in the sky, doing each other's make up and hair... glitter all over....and... dances to RuPaul's "Super Model"..and...

uh, ack. I"m crazy.

Jessica said...

Wayne: I wanna be a fairy one day fluttering around struttin my stuff. Wink!

Smiley: No problem I love talking about Oregon. ;)

JaG: Glad we could make you smile!

Thanks guys for all the well wishing.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's fair enough - you can't be too careful these days! Still, I think I'd be a bit taken aback if a prospective employer asked me to do that :)